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One Take

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Done in one take early this morning.

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Making the World Better

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One of the basic concepts of quantum mechanics, the physics of the very small, states that a particle essentially has two states of being: a set of potentials and the particle itself. A very rough approximation would be, say, a season of American Idol. The set of potentials would be all of the contestants who applied, while the particle itself would be the American Idol for that season. Until the particle gets measured/season gets run, it/the Idol only exist potentially. Once it does get measured/season is ran, the potential set collapses to an actual particle/the Idol gets chosen.

This is a fundamental fact of the physical world. These properties have been tested & re-tested, and while counter-intuitive and mind-boggling, are true.

How can we make things better? By choosing to “see” the potentials in life that lead to the best outcomes. Something snaps into existence only when you go looking for it, and I think not only how you go looking but also what exactly you go looking for has a profound influence on what you see. The saying about making your own world is physically true.

My goals for the next–well, for the rest of my life actually–is to start looking for the good parts. Thinking positively is not pablum–it’s essential to good living.