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Tools are not the issue

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One thing which is now quite evident is I no longer have any excuses. For a long time I’ve been of the mindset that the audio tools I had were “not good enough” to produce high-quality audio and/or music. Sounding near-real wasn’t good enough, I wanted it to be as good as I could get. Well, now I have those tools. I can produce the high-quality stuff that I’ve been “hearing” all this time.

But there’s a learning curve.

I have to get on that curve. Over the weekend I created a demo track for a possible writing gig. It sounds good, but… there’s something not quite “right.” I’m on that curve and need to fully go down it to get the skills and confidence I need. This will take some time. I realize this, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Prepping for audio post work

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So over the next few months I’ll be doing audio post on two movies, in addition to writing music for Zetaman and getting ready for TAXI’s Road Rally in early November. I thought it would be instructive on my own part to go back to Spidertron, the first film I did post for, and see what I would change flow-wise now that I’ve “done” one.

The first of any thing done is where the bugs get worked out, and I can certainly tell where there were bugs. The Pro Tools (M-Powered) project is rather loosely organized. Due to the M-Powered edition’s track limitations (48 stereo), I doubled up on a lot of the FX elements: one individual track has multiple fx clips strewn throughout the timeline, which makes control a bit harder. Sub-mix tracks are interleaved with the source audio tracks, and the effects are not as well organized as it could be.

Granted, the entire project was one large learning laboratory. Now I feel I’m better prepared for the job(s) at hand, especially after not only completing one entire project but also reading up a bit on some of the tools of the trade and how they’re used.

I will probably do the audio mixes for these two films using a bunch of tools: Apple’s SoundTrack Pro & Logic Pro, Bias’ Peak XT and Avid’s Pro Tools M-Powered. A lot of tools to use, but they each have a purpose.

Here’s hoping the source audio is clean and plentiful.

One Take August 18, 2010

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Hmm, maybe I’ll make this a weekly thing. This one is in C Major, the simplest (but not the saddest) key.

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One Take, Again

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Another one-er done this morning.

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Seeking WordPress/UI Designer

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In the interest of furthering my career, I realize this site needs a little TLC. Unfortunately, while Web programming is a core competency of mine, it’s not my primary life goal. In short, I want to concentrate on other things instead of designing a fun, interesting and well-maintained web site.

So if any of my friends know of a good, reliable, specifically media-centric Web designer who has a good grasp of WordPress theming, I’d like to hear about them.

And now the rest of the year, in short

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The rest of 2010 looks to be a busy one.

Zetaman ( will continue to be part of the schedule. It will keep me busy for the rest of this month at least, spilling into September and beyond.

In the next month or thereabouts, I’ll start working on post audio for a science-fiction dramatic feature film. This will be a chance for me to explore my sound design chops.

I’m going to the Taxi Road Rally, a mass gathering of like-minded independent musicians for networking & education, in early November, so I’ll be preparing some example pieces to take with me. Stories abound of networking opportunities which have paid dividends down the line. I figure if I don’t take advantage of this, I’ll be costing myself the chances I missed.

November & December I’ll be working on audio for Fleem! Productions’ newest film. Fleem! is the folks who did Spidertron, the first film I ever did post for. It’s a continuation of the working relationship. I’ve considered mixing this one in 5.1 (surround), but I think that would be a bit too much for me right now. Once I have at least one more film in my hat, I’ll probably be ready to step up.

Then again, I did a lot of things before I thought I was “ready” and seemed to do just fine.