Persephone Post Gameplan

I start post audio on A Tale of Persephone, a modern-day retelling of Persephone, in the next day or so. The hard drive with the project data should be arriving today, after which comes the fun part of getting everything into Pro Tools. There’s a reason that Pro Tools is one of the industry leaders in post audio: it’s just that good.

Assuming a 70 minute length, in order to meet the deadline I’ll need to sweeten and mix 3:30 per day. That’s calendar day, not work day. I foresee a lot of long days. I remember spending a couple days on Spidertron‘s opening sequence alone. Luckily there aren’t too many strange audio effects that need to happen, just a lot of Foley.

Luckily I’m not flying into this project blind as I’ve done post before, so there shouldn’t be too many surprises, nor many instances of me screwing up and needing to start all over.

As I wait, time to spot the next project…

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