Change Afoot

15 is a difficult movie to watch. There’s no blood per se, but the violence in it is unflinching and raw. But, as Jason, the writer-director-star said, it’s got that certain something (je ne sais qua!) that makes for a very memorable film. I told him when I got the film that I would be able to finish in about a week. Lo and behold, I followed through. From the sounds of things, Jason and Tim, the executive producer, is pleased with the work that I did and may have be on board for future projects. That, folks, is a good thing–and it’s how industry connections are made and/or solidified.

The show themes for the two new Escapist shows went the way things tend to go with me. The first one I nailed out of the gate: right on target. The second show I followed the producer’s lead, who then came back with comments. After two more rounds of back and forth, we mutually decided to scrap those thoughts and I started all over. That’s all it took for me to get the right track produced. Total time on these two? About two hours.

I work quickly, which in the entertainment industry is essential if not unheard of.

I’m getting more film post production gigs, so I’ve decided to split that side off to another Web site. I’ve already got the domain name but I don’t have anything built yet. It’ll be for marketing and demonstration purposes, naturally. That and I think the name is cool.

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