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Change Afoot

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15 is a difficult movie to watch. There’s no blood per se, but the violence in it is unflinching and raw. But, as Jason, the writer-director-star said, it’s got that certain something (je ne sais qua!) that makes for a very memorable film. I told him when I got the film that I would be able to finish in about a week. Lo and behold, I followed through. From the sounds of things, Jason and Tim, the executive producer, is pleased with the work that I did and may have be on board for future projects. That, folks, is a good thing–and it’s how industry connections are made and/or solidified.

The show themes for the two new Escapist shows went the way things tend to go with me. The first one I nailed out of the gate: right on target. The second show I followed the producer’s lead, who then came back with comments. After two more rounds of back and forth, we mutually decided to scrap those thoughts and I started all over. That’s all it took for me to get the right track produced. Total time on these two? About two hours.

I work quickly, which in the entertainment industry is essential if not unheard of.

I’m getting more film post production gigs, so I’ve decided to split that side off to another Web site. I’ve already got the domain name but I don’t have anything built yet. It’ll be for marketing and demonstration purposes, naturally. That and I think the name is cool.

More Work

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Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve written here. A lot of things have changed in the interim, but the work goes on. To wit:

1) I’ve found a new film audio project ( thanks to the wonders of a Craigslist posting. It’s a simple bit of audio cleanup and getting some source audio levels back in balance. Gravestone Entertainment is a six-year-old production company which, thanks to a spectacular reception at Crypticon Seattle to the film, is getting a lot of traffic from some established studios. This gig is an audition of sorts–if I work out well they may elect to have me be their post audio guy for their upcoming features. That would be awesome.

2) I have a friend who has asked me to write intro/outro music for two new Web video series he’s producing. It’s a pay-by-impression model, so when the episodes drop I’ll be sure to post the link(s) here.

Persephone Post Gameplan

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I start post audio on A Tale of Persephone, a modern-day retelling of Persephone, in the next day or so. The hard drive with the project data should be arriving today, after which comes the fun part of getting everything into Pro Tools. There’s a reason that Pro Tools is one of the industry leaders in post audio: it’s just that good.

Assuming a 70 minute length, in order to meet the deadline I’ll need to sweeten and mix 3:30 per day. That’s calendar day, not work day. I foresee a lot of long days. I remember spending a couple days on Spidertron‘s opening sequence alone. Luckily there aren’t too many strange audio effects that need to happen, just a lot of Foley.

Luckily I’m not flying into this project blind as I’ve done post before, so there shouldn’t be too many surprises, nor many instances of me screwing up and needing to start all over.

As I wait, time to spot the next project…

Prepping for audio post work

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So over the next few months I’ll be doing audio post on two movies, in addition to writing music for Zetaman and getting ready for TAXI’s Road Rally in early November. I thought it would be instructive on my own part to go back to Spidertron, the first film I did post for, and see what I would change flow-wise now that I’ve “done” one.

The first of any thing done is where the bugs get worked out, and I can certainly tell where there were bugs. The Pro Tools (M-Powered) project is rather loosely organized. Due to the M-Powered edition’s track limitations (48 stereo), I doubled up on a lot of the FX elements: one individual track has multiple fx clips strewn throughout the timeline, which makes control a bit harder. Sub-mix tracks are interleaved with the source audio tracks, and the effects are not as well organized as it could be.

Granted, the entire project was one large learning laboratory. Now I feel I’m better prepared for the job(s) at hand, especially after not only completing one entire project but also reading up a bit on some of the tools of the trade and how they’re used.

I will probably do the audio mixes for these two films using a bunch of tools: Apple’s SoundTrack Pro & Logic Pro, Bias’ Peak XT and Avid’s Pro Tools M-Powered. A lot of tools to use, but they each have a purpose.

Here’s hoping the source audio is clean and plentiful.

And now the rest of the year, in short

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The rest of 2010 looks to be a busy one.

Zetaman ( will continue to be part of the schedule. It will keep me busy for the rest of this month at least, spilling into September and beyond.

In the next month or thereabouts, I’ll start working on post audio for a science-fiction dramatic feature film. This will be a chance for me to explore my sound design chops.

I’m going to the Taxi Road Rally, a mass gathering of like-minded independent musicians for networking & education, in early November, so I’ll be preparing some example pieces to take with me. Stories abound of networking opportunities which have paid dividends down the line. I figure if I don’t take advantage of this, I’ll be costing myself the chances I missed.

November & December I’ll be working on audio for Fleem! Productions’ newest film. Fleem! is the folks who did Spidertron, the first film I ever did post for. It’s a continuation of the working relationship. I’ve considered mixing this one in 5.1 (surround), but I think that would be a bit too much for me right now. Once I have at least one more film in my hat, I’ll probably be ready to step up.

Then again, I did a lot of things before I thought I was “ready” and seemed to do just fine.