TAXI Road Rally 2010 Day 2: Imagine

One thing I need to keep in mind is that these people, some of whom have been extremely successful, started from nowhere. This was brought to mind by the first panel this morning, featuring nine TAXI members who’ve had business success. Each one was different, yet each one had a common thread: dedication, work, discipline, and patience. Those are key …

TAXI Road Rally 2010 Day 1: Panels & Brain Pickings

After yet another great breakfast, the Rally proper started with the presentation of the annual Lifetime Achievement Award to Michael Lloyd, a cat with six decades’ experience in the music industry. A fascinating cat who was terribly inspiring, really. This was followed by a moderated talk with Jay Frank, author of the book Futurehit.DNA, essentially a breakdown of the common …

TAXI Road Rally 2010 Day 0: Registration

After starting the morning with an excellent breakfast, I had some decisions to make. Load in wasn’t going to start until around 10:30, which I’d planned on lending a hand with, followed thereafter only by registration proper starting at 5:30. Anathem by Neal Stephenson had different ideas. It’s a brilliant book that I’ll probably finish before my flight home–maybe even …

One Take 09-16-2010

Maybe I should start making a series of these like I’ve done in the past… [audio:|titles=One Take 09-16-2010]

Tools are not the issue

One thing which is now quite evident is I no longer have any excuses. For a long time I’ve been of the mindset that the audio tools I had were “not good enough” to produce high-quality audio and/or music. Sounding near-real wasn’t good enough, I wanted it to be as good as I could get. Well, now I have those …

One Take August 18, 2010

Hmm, maybe I’ll make this a weekly thing. This one is in C Major, the simplest (but not the saddest) key. [audio:|titles=One Take – August 18, 2010]

One Take, Again

Another one-er done this morning. [audio:|titles=One Take 8-11-2010]

One Take

Done in one take early this morning. [audio:|titles=One Take 7-31-2010]

Confirmations of Doing the Right Thing or The End of SAD?

Tuesday was easily one of my most productive, and happiest, days in months. I composed a new instrumental, a new choral piece, then restarted the Zetaman webisode demo track I was working on. Yesterday I composed yet another instrumental and completed the demo track. At the same time, summer has decided to show up here now. The sun’s been out …

Key Slam Therapy

I just finished doing something I haven’t done in a very long time: I sat at my keyboard and just played. I wasn’t trying to write anything in particular. Actually, no, that’s not quite true: I am trying to write something, but I’ve got Mr. Insecure in the way. So I stopped trying to come up with something and just …